The future of home IOT robots

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Future Visioning

Collage of various Shark mobile app screens and UI elements over simple decorative line illustrations

The Challenge 

Shark specializes in connected cleaning products for the home. They were looking for a partner to redesign the native iOS and Android apps for their line of robot vacuums.

Setting up IOT devices can be challenging, and Shark was looking for a strategic partner that could not only seamlessly onboard new customers, but also engage existing customers with new hardware features. 


Three Shark mobile app screens displaying parts of the onboarding process next to a 3D rendering of a vacuum robot exploring a room

The Solution 

We led collaborative working sessions with the Shark team to better understand the customer journey and pain points within the onboarding process. We spent a lot of time learning about the physical robot, the unboxing experience, and the connection between the physical and digital products.

By thinking holistically about all aspects of the product, we were able to create a digital experience that not only helped customers get started with the robot, but increased their enjoyment of the product overall. 

Shark mobile app screens displaying the home map creation process and customization by adding rooms, zones, and labels

With Shark, we were able to deftly navigate extremely complex requirements and identify solutions across hardware, software, UX, and consumer behavior to deliver a best-in-class experience.

Kieran Evans, Craft

Grouping of various Shark mobile app screens showing cleaning controls, mapping, and preconfigured cleaning options
Collage of sketches and low fidelity wireframes describing 3D mapping and strategic cleaning concepts
Two pages of detailed specifications for room and zone mapping elements in the Shark mobile app
Collage of typography, buttons, iconography, modal windows, and map elements from the Shark mobile app