Global platform design

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User research
Product design

Brightcove's end-user experience showing a featured section alongside a variety of carousels for browsing available content

The Challenge 

Brightcove is an industry-leading online video publishing, distribution, and storage platform. The product suite has a single login, but the overall user experience was complicated, with a lengthy onboarding process and otherwise useful features hidden away in cumbersome interfaces. The products were also lacking consistency from one to the next.

With several products and a number of different audiences, Brightcove originally tapped Craft to help with a global platform redesign across all of their products.

Angled grid of Brightcove end-user experience designs, including a featured movie with a carousel of additional movies and tv shows, an electronic programming guide, and a search results screen

The Solution 

We partnered with Brightcove to research and design solutions to this mix of challenges. Starting with some in-person workshops, we established the priorities for what we wanted to learn in the research component of the project and areas to explore from a design perspective.

Craft collaborator twig+fish led on-site user research interviews around the world. This gave both the client and us solid information about what Brightcove’s audience needed to be improved in the product design.

Moving into the design process, we explored design frameworks and languages that would work across products, crafting a unified vision for Brightcove’s suite of offerings.

Brightcove Product Framework that details the new product design with examples and best practices

What we delivered

We zeroed in on designing the experience for Beacon, a product designed to make launching high-quality, multi-device streaming apps fast and easy. Craft helped Brightcove create a consistent framework and design system for Beacon — both on the backend software and end-user experiences. With Craft leading design and collaborating with Brightcove’s product team, the sophisticated UI design for Beacon draws on elements of the Brightcove brand with space for the end-user’s branding and design to shine.

Wireframe view of an editable live preview showing pages and sections that are included in the end-user experience
A journey map detailing the various ways a new user may be onboarded onto Brightcove
A whiteboard photo showing sketches and notes from a brainstorming session around attracting new users
A workflow map showing a new user may start a trial and complete onboarding before accessing the product
Angled grid of images displaying Brightcove's product design system — including colors, typography, UI components and iconography