Multi-channel digital strategy

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User research
Product design

Collage of various design artifacts from the Amur digital ecosystem. Artifacts include a bar chart, a card showing a bar chart with a monthly payment amount, a start screen with a picture of a leopard, a woodcut of a farm, and 2 progress indicators, green and yellow.

The Challenge 

Amur provides financing programs and guidance for small businesses, with a focus on equipment needs for a myriad of verticals.

We partnered with Amur to define a multichannel digital strategy, concentrating on opportunities to foster engagement with existing and prospective customers.

A collage of 12 Amur marketing homepage concepts, demonstrating different stylistic approaches to the brand. The screens are tilted and flowing offscreen.

The Process 

We began with research to better understand Amur’s key user types. In one-on-one in-depth interviews, we dug into user needs, pain points, and experiences working with Amur to identify cross-channel opportunities for Amur to better meet users’ needs and resonate with prospective end users.

Inherent in the process of evolving Amur’s digital presence was an evolution of their brand. To establish this new visual language, we created branding concepts, and applied those directions to prospective marketing homepage concepts to help Amur see how the brand could manifest in design.

A few examples of research insights share with Amur. Featured is a hierarchy of needs pyramid, with 'confidence in the right decisions' at the top of the pyramid.
Collage of screens from the branding and positioning concepts for Amur. Screens include positioning language, the final color palette, typography styles and sizes, and various illustration examples.
3 mobile screens from the Amur financing application. On the left, the Make a Payment screen. In the center, the homepage featuring details of the next payment. On the right, financing quote tool with cards of financing options flowing off of the screenshot.

Trustworthy and Human-Centric

Two tenets central to Amur’s brand are trust and connection. For Amur to be successful, they felt it imperative to build real relationships between their advisors and small business customers. Accordingly, it was important for their digital experiences to support these offline exchanges.

To build trust, the digital experiences provide tools and information that demystify the loan application process and make it easier for potential customers to know where they are in the loan application process.

To emphasize the human-centric nature of their business, Amur team members are connected to customers through every aspect of the customer journey; from exploring options, application and onboarding, payment and management of a loan, to end of a contract and renewal.

Two screenshots from the Amur advisor portal redesign. In the background is a dashboard featuring cards of various financing deals in progress. In the foreground is a detail screen of a financing deal, with a message alerting a user that additional documents were required to complete the application.

An Integrated Workflow for All

Through the creation of advisor tools that integrate with the workflow of small business customers, Amur is able to streamline workflows and automate manual processes for all users.

Desktop and mobile screenshots of a financial planning application. Desktop screen shows a bar chart along with horizontal sliders for amount to borrow and repayment term. Mobile screen shows a question about repayment options, with various types of loan options available for selection.
A grouping of Amur mobile application screens, cropping off of the top and bottom of the screen. Screens include a start screen, a customer service screen with cards including financial insights, a make a payment screen, and a screen providing financing options for repayment of a loan.

Our digital strategy prioritized engaging with customers across channels, and connecting them with Amur team members every step of the way. All of that hinged on a modern, efficient, transparent UX.

Kieran Evans, Craft

Collage of artifacts from the Amur design system. On the left a selection of components; mobile progress indication, two types of bar charts, a chat box. On the right, styles of input fields, and iconography examples.