Driving product-led growth

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User research
Product design

Collage of design artifacts and product screenshots from startups that Craft has worked with

The Challenge 

Startup founders face unique challenges in the early stages of their business like getting to market fast, understanding customer problems, achieving product-market fit, user acquisition… the list goes on.  

Partnering with Craft to address these challenges (and ones you haven’t even considered yet) can make all the difference as you build your core team of advisors.

Schematic diagram of home equity startup mobile app user flows and screenshots of branding guidelines

The Solution 

Craft specializes in partnering with early-stage and growth-stage startups to help them shape and refine the holistic product experience from the very beginning. Our team has experience founding and growing companies from inception to acquisition and IPO — experience we lend to our partners over the course of our engagement.

We provide strategic and tactical support to build and launch a minimum delightful product quickly, continuously iterating upon it based on what we learn from user feedback.

Gifting platform mobile application screenshots demonstrating how to select a gift recipient and customize gift delivery


Dailyhuman provides a platform for users to show gratitude to each other in the form of food and drink gifts. We partnered with Dailyhuman to validate their beta product and provide a strategic vision for the brand and platform long term.

Early-Stage Startups

Working with Craft offers the knowledge, dedication and expertise of a design co-founder with a wide range of design and research expertise to create products that are simple, beautiful and easy to use.

Craft works with early-stage startups on:

  • Product strategy
  • Product design
  • User research & testing
  • Brand strategy & identity
  • Content strategy
  • Post-launch optimization
Hometap home equity and value forecasting application screenshots demonstrating health meter and estimated value of home charted over time Socratic product screenshot with graph showing allocations and two callouts displayed above design


Hometap is a new financial services company that is revolutionizing homeownership. We partnered with Hometap in their pre-launch phase to create their brand strategy, identity and digital presence. We are now working together to conceptualize and validate a new, complementary product offering.


Socratic is reimagining task management by integrating performance intelligence. Socratic shows users how well they work (and why) with real-time data to guide daily decision-making that drives teams toward their best results. Craft partnered with Socratic at a very early stage to help them conceptualize, design and launch their product and brand.

Growth-Stage Startups

Later-stage startups know getting to market is just the first step for a successful venture. Working with Craft gives you a partner in optimizing existing offerings for product-led growth and developing new ideas into products that support your business.

Craft works with growth-stage startups on:

  • Optimizing existing products for growth
  • Bringing new product to market
  • Branding & identity evolution
  • Platform & product strategy


Circle poloniex user authentication process product screenshots


Circle is a global financial technology firm enabling businesses to harness the power of stablecoins and public blockchains for payments, commerce and financial applications worldwide. Craft has worked with Circle off-and-on since 2015 on projects across product and marketing. On the product side, we worked on them to rethink the shared payments experience for the Circle Pay app. In 2015, we focused on streamlining the experience for people being sent money with Circle Pay and driving activation/sign ups for people who were not yet registered users.

In 2019 we worked with Circle to rethink the onboarding and activation experience for their trading platform, Poloniex. Marketing engagements with Circle include collaborating product marketing web, email and social media campaigns. We also redesigned the Circle website in time for the launch of US Dollar accounts.

Vroom automobile selection options with overlay of user selectable priorities and cost. Shft Technology cyber security marketing website and brand asset screenshots


Vroom is an end-to-end ecommerce platform offering a better way to buy and sell used vehicles.

We partnered with Vroom for a design sprint, kicking off an initiative focused on improving the car discovery experience for consumers.

Shift Technology

Shift Technology helps insurance companies detect fraud and automate claims through an AI-native SaaS platform.

We partnered with Shift to reimagine their visual brand system and digital marketing experience. Craft led a holistic design process, working closely with partners at Shift to create a new design system and updated visual identity highlighting the sophistication and accuracy of the platform.

Screenshot of LynkState application visualizing performance of Boston, MA's network on a map. Areas of significant network outage are highlighted with red circles. A panel appears above one of the network outage circles, providing more details about the network outage.


Lynkstate is a platform that visualizes network data to help companies monitor end-to-end performance and analyze issues across their global networks.

Product is brand

Your product is your brand — plain and simple. How people feel about your company is influenced by the experiences they have with your product.

From that first interaction through the acquisition flow and beyond, each touchpoint has to be consistent and create a seamless experience.

Craft is your partner for creating solid end-to-end customer experience that delivers on your marketing promises and sets you up for product-led growth.