Revolutionary home financing

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User research
Product design

Collage of various elements from Hometap's equity forecast tool and some home illustrations

The Challenge 

Hometap is a home equity investment platform revolutionizing home financing. Looking to help people break out of the “house-rich, cash-poor” dynamic many homeowners face, Hometap empowers folks to take advantage of the equity they’ve earned in their homes.

Hometap partnered with Craft to create a brand strategy, identity, and digital presence to match their innovative product.

Angled grid with branding explorations

The Process 

To establish a visual language that felt true to the company, Craft created mood boards and iterated upon the ideas based on client feedback.

Working through these concepts, Craft distilled the essence of what Hometap needed to communicate with its brand: value, choice, and control.

An innovative company deserves an eye-catching identity that reflects their mission and approach. For Hometap, Craft abstracted a home into the facets of a diamond to reflect the company’s concept in visual form.

The color palette uses a range of bold and neutral tones to reflect the opportunity that Hometap presents to homeowners: the ability to live debt-free.

Hometap logo

Bringing it Home with Illustrations

To round out the brand visuals, Craft created custom illustrations (and guidelines for using them effectively).

These illustrations, which portray the way we really live in our homes, include quirks and realistic situations like kicked-off slippers at the foot of the sofa or a kitty looking up skeptically at a newborn baby.

Sophisticated and Approachable

By balancing these two elements of Hometap’s product and ethos, the brand meets homeowners' high standards to help them make a huge financial decision with confidence.

Hometap's color palette and typography
Mockup of two screens from the home equity forecast tool. Left screen shows a comparison of different home renovations. Right screen shows the renovations available to increase a home's value.
Screen displaying the origin story of Hometap
Screen displaying a house's hometap score and breakdown
Angled grid of images displaying Hometap's product design system — including colors, logos, and patterns