We believe good design is good business.


People first

Innovation starts with people. We partner with brands and people we admire, because the best work comes from being inspired. With our distributed team model, Craft is able to attract and retain a carefully selected, unprecedented level of talent. Our employees love it and we can hire great people, regardless of their location.

Partner-led teams

Every engagement is led by a partner who is actively engaged in actually doing the work. Your custom crafted, purpose built team will be comprised of the industry's best designers, researchers, strategists and engineers.

Prototype or perish

Rapid prototyping is paramount.  We employ a highly iterative process, driven by prototypes, not mockups. The result? More efficient decision-making, which saves time and money, while delivering measurable results.

Data-driven design

We love pretty pictures as much as the next guy, but our passion is solving impactful business problems. Digging into quantitative and qualitative data empowers us to make digital experiences more human and engaging.

Holistic experiences

Craft approaches your entire product experience holistically, from marketing to onboarding to the core product experience. We believe in creating consistent and engaging experiences that people love to use.

Start-up mentality

As seasoned startup veterans, our collective experience spans pre-product to IPO, inception to exit. We offer a “scrappy yet polished” approach that allows us to move quickly, while strategically building businesses.